Hot in Here


It's not too late to act | Michael Mann

Season 1, Ep. 2

To kick off Hot in Here, we are joined by one of the world's leading climate communicators. Professor Michael Mann is a highly influential climate scientist, who deserves everyone's attention. Actor Leonardo DiCaprio even cited the scientist as inspiration for his performance in the Netflix hit Don't Look Up.

It might seem like an unlikely tool, but Mann believes humour can be deployed as a secret weapon in the fight against climate change.

In a wide-ranging discussion, Michael Mann declares it's still possible to maintain a liveable planet, but says we need to act boldly, dramatically and quickly. The scientist also offers practical tips for talking about climate change, and discusses ways we can get politicians to take more meaningful climate action.

Sound design, mixing and original music by Callum Hicks.

Thanks to all of you for listening. Hopefully it has empowered you to speak about climate change with the people around you!

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