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Patreon Sneak Peak: Extended Interview with Claudia Johnson

Season 6

We're in the middle of a Patreon drive here on Hot and Bothered, trying to increase our membership to 1000 patrons. One of the wonderful things you can find on our Patreon is extended interviews with experts! We're making this conversation with the brilliant Claudia Johnson public so you get a sense of what that perk sounds like.

Claudia Johnson is the Murray Professor of English Literature at Princeton University. Her many brilliant publications on Austen include Jane Austen's Cult and Cultures, the Blackwell Companion to Jane Austen, and 30 Great Myths About Jane Austen.

You can get access to our 'extended interview' perk for $5/month at our Kitty tier. Head over to our Patreon at:

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