Hot Girls


What Nina Simone Taught Me About Conflict

Season 4, Ep. 2

Today I’m taking you through the life and musical legacy of Nina Simone. A musician I first heard through her famed and powerful rendition of “Ain’t Got No, I got Life..” I heard it when i was still in primary school and was introduced to it as part of the limited education about the slave trade and impact of racism. I didn’t know anything about the singer herself so now I’m putting that right. A film came out about her recently which is on Netflix so if you’ve watched that you’ll be familiar with some of the many struggles she faced in making sense of the world, her choices, and how she became quite such a brilliant pianist. 

Nina Simone wasn’t a singer, she was a communicator. And she communicated from passion, frustration, pain and belief.

This is a lesson in conflict by Nina Simone

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