Hot Girls


What Janelle Monae Taught Me About Identity

Season 2, Ep. 11

This week, I'm looking at Janelle Monae.

An artist of incredible versatility and passion. An individual who experiments with different sounds and instruments, on an endless pursuit of quality and polished art.

The thing I adore about Janelle Monae is how directional she is. She knows exactly the kind of artist she wants to be and more than that she knows exactly the type of person she wants to be. I read a quote in one of life coach Tony Robbins books some time ago now in which he spoke about his decision to only work with and be with the best in every field. I think Janelle is similar in the way she’s pursued influences, she talks about Prince, about Stevie Wonder, about Lauryn Hill. artists who crafted not only their music, but their visuals, their performances. It’s an almost obsessive perfectionist approach to art which is necessary if you want a certain status in the creative world. 

This is a lesson in identity. As taught by Janelle Monae.

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