Hot Girls


What Ciara Taught Me About Self-Belief

Season 2, Ep. 17

This week, I wanted to look at someone who I have huge personal admiration for. She’s someone who has had great commercial success, longevity, and hits a consistent bar with her music, but I don’t necessarily hear her shouted out that often as an inspiration. I guess I wanted to just challenge that and remind people of her greatness. As well as exploring the career journey she’s had and how her self-belief has been fundamental in maintaining that. The success I mentioned includes 3, top 3 albums, 4x grammy nominations, over 8million monthly Spotify listeners, video views of over 1.5billion, and the longest-running number-one debut single by a female artist in the past 30years. 

The artist is Ciara, and this episode will explore what she taught me about self-belief.

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