Hot Girls


What Aretha Franklin Taught Me About Power

Season 3, Ep. 8

Later on this year a biographical film is being released starring Jennifer Hudson which will attempt to tell the story of one of the most remarkable artists of all time. Aretha Franklin died in August 2018 having released nearly 40 albums, had multiple number one singles, multiple grammy awards. But more than her musical legacy, Aretha’s voice and songs soundtracked a revolution and became a huge part of the civil rights movement in America. Perhaps this journey and the hope embedded deep in her voice is why she has a tendency to bring Barack Obama to tears in public places. 

The nuances and complexities of Aretha’s journey are part of what sits behind that incredible voice. She is a soul campaigner who sang from her core and moved communities and particularly black communities and made audiences feel they were experiencing divine magic when they watched her. 

This is an episode about power as taught by Aretha Franklin


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