Hot Girls


What Amy Winehouse Taught Me About Timeless-ness

Season 4, Ep. 8

I often wonder who will be the artists of today which we’ll look back on and toast to as being truly great. I think to have that status of being an icon, like The Beatles, Bob Dylan, or Aretha Franklin, your music needs to have an enduring sound, and that isn’t necessarily tied to popularity of the day. 

The strange thing for me about someone like Amy Winehouse was that I remember seeing her on T4 running around doing some hilarious mad press thing with SImon Amstell way before Back to Black. And then I watched as she grew up and delivered these songs that just were so distinctive, so moving, so timeless and so cross generational. 

While there are lots of recent and fascinating documentaries about Amy out there what I really wanted to focus this episode on was how she created and established herself in the first place. She made really great music but there’s a lot that goes into that beyond just having a great voice and natural ear so that’s what I’m going to be digging into.

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