cover art for The Girls About Peckham, Gentrification, BLM, and community with Natalie Worgs, founder of gIRLS aBOUT pPECKHAM

Hot Girls

The Girls About Peckham, Gentrification, BLM, and community with Natalie Worgs, founder of gIRLS aBOUT pPECKHAM

Season 2, Ep. 18

This week Lex chats with Natalie Worgs. As the founder of gIRLS aBOUT pECKHAM Natalie takes an intimate look at the area she's from and celebrates the individuals within it. Through her instagram, fundraising competitions and zine, she brings together key members of this creative hub to retain its energy amongst huge shifts triggered by gentrification. This is an intimate conversation about society.

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  • 14. What Rihanna Taught me about Confidence

    Last series, I looked at the careers of some of the most successful female artists of all time, breaking down their journeys to learn how they got to where they got to, what career and life lessons we could pull from them and how they experienced their success, verses how we experienced it as onlookers.I believe that Hip hop is about overcoming adversity and reggae is finding peace in conflict and so much of our conflict as human beings is internal. This season I want to look at the lives of the powerful female creators, focusing on a particular quality which they embody to me and which can have a positive impact on all of our lives if we bring it into our own lives a bit more.For this first episode I’m looking at possibly my favourite artist of all time. Someone I love both for her versatility as an artist but also for what she represents as a woman. One of the greatest popstars, one of the wealthiest women in the world and one of the baddest. This is an episode in the confidence of Rihanna.Hot Girls Handles:Mixes - - - @LexOnTheDecksTwitter - @LexOnTheDecksTiktok - @LexOnTheDecks
  • 13. Songwriting, and Navigating the Music Industry While Growing Up. An Interview with Artist and Songwriter RuthAnne.

    It was RuthAnne’s powerful vocals which first caught the attention of a manager when she was a teenager living in Ireland. She’d created a demo tape herself and with undeniable talent, was offered the opportunity to go to Los Angeles and begin working towards a career as a musician. In one of her first ever writing sessions, she ended up writing ‘Too lIttle Too Late’, the platinum selling single which would go on to be released by Jojo. Having unexpectedly found this success as a song-writer, RuthAnne went on to write music for One Direction, Bebe Rexha, and Britney Spears, to name a few. As an artist she’s found her own lane and chats to about her upcoming EP and album, her ideal creative environment, and building the right room. RuthAnne Handles:@thisisruthanneLex Handles:@lexonthedecks
  • 12. Hot Girl History: Ms Lauryn Hill

    This week I take a look at a woman who's relatively short music catalog has had an incredible legacy. As always, this isn’t just a biography, but we’re looking at the decisions she made in her career and challenges, to get to where she has.Ms Lauryn Hill Handles:IG and Twitter: @MsLaurynHillHot Girls Handles:Mixes - - - @LexOnTheDecksTwitter - @LexOnTheDecksTiktok - @LexOnTheDecks
  • 11. Collaborations, Travelling the World and the ideal Studio, an Interview with Ashibah

    Danish / Egyptian DJ, singer and producer Ashibah has been steadily building an impressive discography, wearing the hats of singer, songwriter, producer, collaborator and DJ. Over the years, she has collaborated with artists like Purple Disco Machine, Vintage Culture, Robosonic, Sharam Jey, Jean Bacarreza and published songs on Keno records, Loulou records, Bunny Tiger and more. A captivating performer, Ashibah catches up with Lex to talk about her approach to creativity, collaboration and Ableton or Logic?!Ashibah Handles@ashibahLex Handles@lexonthedecks
  • 10. First Gigs, and Prioritising, an Interview with DJ Krystal Roxx

    This week, Lex chats to Krystal Roxx. Krystal's had a thriving DJ career, which has seen her perform worldwide alongside the likes of Fatboy Slim, Annie-Mac, Anne Marie, Basement Jaxx and Groove Armada. Her L.A.B EP which launched in 2020 has smashed it's way through 2 Million streams. 'I Feel Ya' marks the start of a series of releases with Ultra Music which will see Krystal collaborate with some of the biggest names in Dance Music. She's also behind 'Superfoxx' and their long standing show on Soho Radio. Krystal Handles:@krystalroxxLex Handles:@lexonthedecks
  • 9. What MC Lyte Taught Me About Being First

    Hello and welcome to Hot Girls with Lex On The Decks. This is the show where we explore the mechanics of the music industry, through intimate conversations on creativity and biography episodes exploring the lives of iconic artists.  This week Lex takes it back to the early 90s to look at the career of MC Lyte. One of the first major selling rap MCs, Lyte was directional and hungry. There was no-one for Lyte to mimic, she had to define the pattern.This is how she did it. Lex Handles:@lexonthedecks
  • 8. Music as a Way of Life; An Interview with singer and 'Trash' co-founder, Indira May

    Indira May is this week's guest on Hot Girls. A singer-songwriter based in London, whose captivating melange of Jazz, Soul and Hip Hop has got people talking. From collaborations with dance trio Jaded, to the development of her video for 'When I Hear The Music', she chats through growing up in a musical home and the challenges of thriving as a female in the industry. Indira Handles:@indiramay@trashfilmsandmusicLex Handles:@lexonthedecks
  • 7. What Madonna Taught Me About Independance

    One of the most influential artists to have lived, Madonna is the subject of much admiration and much criticism. But what is she really like? And how did she become one of the ten best selling singers of all time.This is a lesson in independence, by Madonna.Lex Handles:@lexonthedecksMadonna Handles:@madonna
  • 6. Longevity, Collaboration, and the Journey of Sounds: An Interview with Donae'O

    This week Lex is joined by none other than Donae’O. One of the originators of UK Funky a genre that defined a period of raving, he’s gone on to have a rich career as an artist and producer, releasing consistently and building on the legacy he laid with tracks like Party Hard and Devil in a Blue Dress. On this episode of Hot Girls, Donae'O chats me through some of the philosophies he subscribes too, how sounds develop and being particular with the sounds he uses. Donae'O Handles:@donaeoLex Handles:@lexonthedecks