cover art for Reversal (Easter Special 2024)

Hornet Heaven

Reversal (Easter Special 2024)

Ep. 116

In March 2024, as Watford Football Club’s fortunes decline, events in Hornet Heaven head in the wrong direction.

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  • 117. Tears In Heaven (1999 anniversary special)

    In May 2024, the Watford Football Club afterlife sets about celebrating the most emotional match in the club’s history.
  • 115. Founder's Day 2024 - REMIX

    To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the ascension to Hornet Heaven of Watford FC's founder Henry Grover, on March 22nd 1949, here's a re-edited and re-mixed telling of our story of his arrival.
  • 114. Half-Back (S23 E4)

    In August 1997, a former player materialises in the Watford Football Club afterlife — but only partially. 
  • 113. How To Be Happy (S23 E3)

    In December 2023, a new arrival in the Watford Football Club afterlife attempts to go to every Watford game ever.
  • 112. If On A Winter's Night A Hornet (S23 E2)

    In February 2024, you — the listener — are transported via the medium of podcast into the eternal experience of supporting Watford Football Club.
  • 111. Fog (S23 E1)

    In December 2023, in the Watford Football Club afterlife, a former Watford player isn't seeing things with the usual clarity. 
  • 110. How The Grover Stole Christmas (Xmas Special 2023)

    In December 1964, with Watford facing two festive fixtures against Them Up The Road, a resident of the Watford Football Club afterlife tries to make sure a double derby defeat won’t ruin Christmas.
  • 109. Shared Space (S22 E4)

    In September 2023, in the Watford Football Club afterlife, two Watford fans find themselves locked in a small room together. They have fiercely conflicting views. Can they find common ground?