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Season 2, Ep. 1

Join us for a heartwarming journey in this special first-anniversary episode of the Hope For The Warriors Podcast! In January, Kate had the incredible opportunity to visit Dave Jenkins, a Warrior’s Wish recipient, and his wife, Ginger, at their home in sunny Florida. Dave's story gripped us, so we knew we had to share it with you. Please tune in to discover Dave's inspiring service, his challenges since returning home, and the transformative hope that arrived with a simple yet profound gift: a pair of kayaks for him and his wife. It's a story of resilience, gratitude, and the power of community support.

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  • 2. Raw Reflections

    Join us in this powerful episode of "Raw Reflections" as Kate sits down with Matt Rios, a brave veteran and former firefighter who has faced the intense challenges of PTSD. Matt shares his candid and inspiring story of struggle and triumph, revealing how therapy and seeking help transformed his life. Through his honest reflections, Matt offers hope and guidance to those battling similar demons, showing that it’s possible to emerge stronger on the other side. Don't miss this heartfelt conversation about resilience, healing, and the power of asking for support.WHERE TO FIND HELP / MORE INFORMATION:Cohen Veterans NetworkThe U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, National Center for PTSDLearn about PTSD from Veterans who’ve lived itResilience Behavioral Health  VA Peer Support Groups 
  • 13. Shining Through Darkness

    In August of 2019, Breanna inherited a title no one desires but many bear: Gold Star wife. Following the devastating loss of her beloved husband, Tony, a Veteran haunted by inner turmoil, Breanna navigates the turbulent waters of grief while raising their three precious daughters. Through her courageous tale, delve into Breanna's resilience, uncovering the depths of her inner strength and newfound appreciation for life's enduring beauty. Join us as we witness the transformative power of love and loss in Breanna's remarkable narrative.Columbia Protocol App HOPE Unites Us: Veterans' Voices in Suicide Prevention
  • 12. Empowering Voices

    Join Kate on an enlightening journey in the latest episode of the Hope For The Warriors podcast. She sits down with Kathleen Palmer, the brilliant mind behind Mission: MilSpouse Blog, and Kristy Warren, the driving force behind HOPE’s Transition Case Management and Scholarship Programs. Together, they explore the power of therapeutic blogging, the significance of providing military spouses a voice, and the transformative impact of HOPE’s scholarship initiatives. Get ready for a captivating and thought-provoking discussion that promises to inspire and empower. Tune in now and be part of the conversation you won't want to miss!Mission: MilspouseEmily White's Story Military Spouse & Caregiver Scholarship Info
  • 11. Warrior Wellness

    In this episode of the Hope For The Warriors podcast, we’ll explore the transformative power of adaptive fitness with Emily Throckmorton, owner of Kaizen Athletics, and retired Sergeant Major Kevin Bittenbender. Emily shares her journey in strength and conditioning, highlighting her gym's mission to support veterans seeking holistic health solutions. We will also delve into Kevin's remarkable story of resilience and the pivotal role adaptive sports play in his life, supported by Hope For The Warriors. From inspiring success stories to invaluable insights, join us on this journey of triumph and community.Kaizen Athletics Equip ProductsTeam Hope For The Warriors Pittsburgh Marathon Recap Video
  • 10. Hope Through Humor

    Step into the new year with the Hope For The Warriors podcast! In this special episode, your host, Kate Dudley is joined by the brilliant military spouse and comedian, Ashley Gutermuth. Together, they explore the healing power of laughter and how Ashley's unique journey as a military spouse has inspired her to bring joy and healing to veterans through comedy.You can learn more about Ashley and Best Medicine Brigade here. You can also check out HEAL*ARIOUS here!
  • 9. Homefront Harmony

    In this heartfelt December episode of the Hope For The Warriors podcast, join us as we sit down with Battalion Commander Michael Harrison and his wife, Mikele. Together, they share their inspiring journey through the highs and lows of military life, shedding light on the importance of family support and readiness. As an active-duty Army member, Michael offers unique insights into the challenges faced by military families, from deployments to relocations. Discover how the Harrisons have weathered these storms and thrived, fostering a sense of unity and strength that defines the military community. Whether you're a military family seeking inspiration or someone looking to understand the unique dynamics of military life better, this episode is a must-listen. 
  • 8. Every Day is Veterans Day | Honoring Our Heroes Year-Round

    The Hope For The Warriors Podcast celebrates Veterans Day with a special episode featuring Lee Bonar and Scott Griffith, a pair of veterans and HOPE employees who share their insights on why Veterans Day is important and delve into the meaning behind the common phrase, "Thank you for your service." In this thought-provoking conversation, Lee and Scott discuss their experiences and the profound significance of this national holiday. Listeners will gain a deeper appreciation for Veterans Day and better understand how to express gratitude to those who have served our nation. They’ll also learn about HOPE's valuable resources for service members and their families. Join us in honoring and acknowledging the bravery and dedication of our veterans in this enlightening conversation.
  • 7. Money Matters | Charting a Path to Financial Freedom

    October is Financial Wellness Month, an immensely significant topic for military families. In this episode, we're honored to have two incredible guests, Shelley Rodriguez, HOPE's Director of Clinical Case Management and Financial Wellness, and Nicole Howard, HOPE's Lead Intakes Coordinator, as they guide us through a journey of strategies, resources, and inspiring stories that can truly empower military families on their path to financial wellness. Whether you're a veteran seeking essential financial guidance, a devoted family member searching for ways to support your loved ones, or simply someone looking to grasp the profound importance of financial wellness in the lives of veterans, this episode is tailored just for you.Here are some Financial Wellness Resources that Shelley shared for this episode.National Foundation for Credit CounselingEveryDollar Budgeting AppMint Budgeting InformationGoodbudget: Budget with a Why