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December First

Season 1, Ep. 9
Remember to tag #HooksofHorror and tweet out a link to what you create using the hook from this weeks episode! You can also email stories to from which we will contact you if a story will be read on the next show.New Release schedule! Every 3 weeks!Find more from Augie Peterson at her website: and on podcatchers of all kinds: hereGemma Amor's Cruel Works of Nature is available on Amazon here. I'd recommend the paperback for full book goodness. You can also find her at gemmaamorauthor.comI will be at Podcon2 in Seattle January 19 - 20 at the Seattle Convention center! If you'll be there too be on the lookout for posts on twitter or send me a note so that I can wave at you. more info: www.podcon.comThe Hook:Tell us a story of debts. Tell us a story of travel. Tell us a story of both.A man travels through the city, on his way home to his family and friends. He stands to watch a street performer, laughs and claps with the rest of the crowd. When the time comes to pay the performer they all walk away. Money destined for treasures for their own kin. The traveler laughs at the performers plight. Not noticing the darkness in their eyes or the almost feral grin across their face. A few coins would have stopped the blood shed.For more from your Narrator:Digital and Dice podcastCreaturePastaThe SGO filesVia email at : Hooksofhorrorpod@gmail.comor onTwitteror@hooksofhorrorMusic and SFX used were purchased on:www.PMSFX.comand you should check it out!Also from: Audioblocks and A Sound Effect