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Ep 11: Strong Women Penny McNamee and Lucy Addario

Season 1, Ep. 11

Summer bay has always had an abundance of strong female characters and the writers never shy away from exploring contemporary ideas. Actor Penny McNamee who plays Tori Morgan and Series Producer Lucy Addario join Jason to discuss the female voice of Home and Away. 

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  • 12. Ep 12: Actor Ray Meagher, who plays Alf Stewart and Executive Producer Julie McGauran

    Home and Away has been an international phenomenon and in the cast of this iconic show there's been one actor that's still one of the most recognisable faces and his character has been a favourite for more than 30 years!! He’s a true blue Aussie legend…. Flaming Gallah. Yes you guessed it! Jason catches up with Ray Meagher, who plays Alf Stewart and Executive Producer Julie McGauran.
  • 10. EP 10: New Romance Series Script Executive, Louise Bowes, actresses Sarah Roberts and Zoe Ventoura

    Home and Away is a contemporary show that time and again returns to the universal themes of love and family. What better people to sit down and discuss a wonderful new romance than Series Script Executive, Louise Bowes, actresses Sarah Roberts and Zoe Ventoura who play Willow and Alex. 
  • 9. Ep 9: Away From The Bay with Sophie Dillman and Director Arnie Custo

    The most iconic locations of Home and Away are filmed at the gorgeous Summer Bay. So what happens when the cast and crew depart the Bay for a special storyline? Director Arnie Custo and Sophie Dillman who plays Ziggy Astoni join Jason to share their behind the scenes stories about being away from the Bay. 
  • 8. Ep 8: The Bay Bromance with Tim Franklin and Paddy O'Connor

    Home and Away stories thrive on love and romance. Two Actors who have as serious Bromance happening in Summer Bay is Tim Franklin who plays Colby Thorne and Paddy O'Connor who plays Dean Thompson. They join Jason to talk about their friendship on and off the screen. 
  • 7. EP 7: Romantic Love with Ada Nicodemou and Jimmy Stewart

    Love and romance is what makes the world go around in Summer Bay. There’s never a dull moment for the audience or the actors as character’s love lives take enormous twists and turns. Ada Nicodemou who plays Leah Patterson and Jimmy Stewart who’s character is Justin Morgan to discuss their romantic entanglements on Home and Away. 
  • 6. EP6: Creating a Character with Emily Symons and Lucy Addario

    It takes good writing and great acting to bring a character to life on the screen.Joining Jason is actor, Emily Symons, who's been tottering in her much loved character's high stilettos for over 20 years, Series producer, Lucy Addario, who continues the evolution of all the characters we know and love in Summer Bay. 
  • 5. EP5: Mental Health Week Depression storyline with Rohan Nichol and Louise Bowes

    In Australia it’s Mental Health Week and it’s also World International Mental Health Day. The Home and Away team is not afraid to approach sensitive social issue and Mental health has become such an important subject because it affects so many people. Recently the Home and Away team have been sharing a story about Depression and one of the Summer Bay residents is going through a very difficult time. Joining Jason to discuss the storyline is actor Rohan Nichol who plays Ben Astoni and Home and Away Series Script Executive, Louise Bowes.
  • 4. EP 4: Online Grooming with Lynne McGranger and Courtney Miller

    Home and Away has remained relevant to audiences because the show is willing to explore stories that highlight important social issues. These story lines can be controversial and emotional so for actors they offer great work challenges. Jason discusses how Courtney Miller and Lynne McGranger approached the online grooming story line currently unfolding in Summer Bay.