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Jumble Lane

Ep. 5

'Jumble Lane' was released, recorded by Bretton students. Bill Nelson with Global Village were recording regularly and 'Northern Dream' was released. Holyground's reputation grew and many bands paid to record. Part of another Holyground album 'Gagalactyca' was recorded.

Tracks played: 'Preserve' and 'Blues for Joanne' from 'Jumble Lane'

Keep Your Feathers Fine - Bill Nelson

Cold, Tired and Hungry - Chris Coombs and Bill Nelson

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  • 1. Early recording at Bretton Hall

    The background to recordings that Mike Levon made at Bretton Hall. These were mainly folk-based, but also included some original tracks. Three 7 inch vinyl records were produced and one 12 inch. Tracks played:'Lowlands' - Jenny Tarren'Wild Mountain Thyme' - Dave Nuttall and others'Babe Don't Drag Me down' - Bob Hart
  • 2. 'No 9 Bread Street', recording at Moodies Bar

    A 12 inch album was recorded at Moodies Bar, where many students met at the regular folk club. 'No 9 Bread Street', a mixture of folk songs and original material, was the first record to be released on the Holyground label, which was established in this period.Tracks played: 'Travelling People' - Kev Slater'Beautiful Strangers - Jane Westlake'Stroke Two' - Chris Coombs'College Girl' - Piers Johnson
  • 3. Holyground at 5 Cass Yard, Wakefield

    Holyground was established at 5 Cass Yard, with a bedroom used as a studio. Brian Calvert, and Chris Coombs were involved as song-writers, and Dave Wood with art work and liaising with bands. Mike was writing lyrics and experimenting with production techniques. A-Austr was released as a concept album.Tracks played: Grail Search - Chris CoombsEssex Queen - Brian CalvertIt's Alright, What did you go - jam session
  • 4. Astral Navigations

    Mike and Brian Calvert's songs are on the first side of this album with songs by Chris Coombs. The second side is 'Thundermother', an established rock group from Preston. The album came with a booklet and poster designed by Dave Wood.Tracks played: Fourth Coming - Brian CalvertTomorrow Buffalo - Chris CoombsSomeday - ThundermotherWindows of Limited Time/Astral Navigator - Brian Calvert
  • 6. Legend of the Kingfisher

    'Legend of the Kingfisher' was recorded by Gygafo, a well-known Leeds-based band, memories of recording by band member Eddie Stringer. 'Ode' by Blue Epitaph, was recorded and released, memories of recording it by Pete Howells and Jim Gordon. Mike was experimenting with effects, including a new phaser.Tracks played: 'Solid Man Song' and 'Waiting for the Rain' - Gygafo'I Never met You' and 'Diane' - Blue Epitaph
  • 7. The Last Days of Cass Yard

    Mike was recording Lazy Days, a Leeds-based band and continuing to record Steve Channing. They collaborated for a new album 'Tears on the Console'. Mike moved out of Cass Yard, and joined a group of independent producers at Aim Studio in Doncaster for a short time.Tracks played: 'Wait for Me' - Lazy Days, 
'Tears on the Console', snatch of 'Play it Like a Band', 'Peach of a Love' - Steve Channing and Lazy Days
  • 8. Holyground revived

    The collectability of Holyground records led to many albums being re-released, first as vinyl then as CDs, at first licensed through Magic Mixture, then through Kissing Spell. New music was being recorded with Pete Taylor, Chris Coombs and Steve Channing. Loose Routes CDs were released.Tracks played: snatch of 'Tears on the Console', 'Save the Big Jam Roll', from Gagalactyca, 
'Snowcloud' - Skybird, 'Alice D's Electric Outlaw Band' - Lazy Days
  • 9. & Strangeness and Charm

    Mike, Chris Coombs and Pete Taylor were collaborating on writing new songs, based on ancestry and where you come from and on Time. Mike was investing in new equipment, and using Midi. Other musicians, including classical musicians were involved.Tracks played: 'The Hiding Places''Desperate Manoeuvres''Silence on the Wires'