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Den ideella organisationen går i Heliga Birgittas fotspår under 2022. En spännande resa som fört oss till Norge, Åland, Spanien, Frankrike och naturligtvis Fresta kommun och Finsta där Birgitta växt upp och är född.

Welcome to our Podcast about Holy Birgitta. In this pod we are covering the topics about the Swedish Saint Birgitta who she was and why she becaime a Saint. We use her life as a Rolemodel of Civil cuarage, Faith and Determination.

She was born 1303 and went 1339 to Norway where the Viking king had brought with him the Catolic religion and built the first Cathedral Nidaros in Tronheim and after all the way down to Santiago de Compostela where Jesus apostal is found around year 1240.

It is an interesting history that bring us back in history and BB Back to Basic moral and wisdom.

1 Intervjuv with people

2 Intervjuv with people walking the track

3 Bbeabridge the non profitable organisation behind

4 Integrating history with modern stories