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Hollywood Crime Scene

Mini Episode - Whoops

Red Lobster is bankrupt, breakup pasta, Sister Wives, and. more!

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  • Summer Scares: Tourist Trap (1979)

    A group of young adults stop at a roadside attraction and meet the owner who has a lot of emotional baggage.
  • Summer Scares: Madman (1981)

    First up in our annual summer horror recap month is 1981's Madman. We discuss a very specific early 80's haircut, the logistics of jacuzzi sex, is this a summer camp or is this a school, and more!patreonmerch
  • Mini Episode - 1-900-MINI

    This week we discuss a lot of things including the redheaded Sag Harbor cop, Will Smith, a really expensive bagel spread, and more!subscribe to our patreonmerch
  • Episode 325 - Marlon Brando Part 5

    In our final installment we discuss The Island of Dr. Moreau, The Score, Marlon's acting class, and more!patreonmerch
  • Mini Episode - My Love (Feat. DUI)

    Justin Timberlake, an important update on a story we've covered, the Hollywood Arby's, and more!patreon
  • Mini Episode - Grease Pole

    Italian food festival, new true crime docs, figuring out TikTok, and more!patreonmerch
  • Episode 324 - Marlon Brando Part 4

    This week we discuss Christian and Cheyenne Brando, and Marlon's involvement in his son's criminal case.patreon merch
  • Mini Episode - Hot Dog Mode

    Some news updates, an incident at The Sphere, Anna Nicole, and more!Subscribe to our PatreonMerch
  • Episode 323 - Marlon Brando Part 3

    In part 3 we discuss Apocalypse Now, Christian Brando, and Marlon's business ideas.Subscribe to our patreon