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Liver Eating Johnston

This is a guy who could hold a grudge. And he did. For 25 years he members of the Crow tribe and ate their livers. (He was on Keto).

They made a movie about him. You'll have to listen to the episode to see what it was.

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  • The Thanksgiving Cannibal

    If you dread spending the holidays with your family members, just be happy, you’re not spending Thanksgiving with Omaima Nelson.  Written by: Tim ScottProduced by: Thadd ScottHosted by an all-star cast: Brandy Herrmann, Chuck Walters, Tim Scott and Thadd Scott
  • Sharks and Shenanigans: Sydney's Shark Arm Case

    On April 25, 1935, at Australia’s Coogee Beach aquarium, a shark puked up a human arm and this incident sparked a mystery full of twists and turns. Explore with us as we dive into the Shark Arm Murders case that looms large in Sydney’s true crime.Hosted by: Tim Scott, Charles Walters, Shellie G. and Thadd ScottWritten by: Shellie G.Editing and Production: Thadd Scott
  • Death Of a Muse: The Beekman Hill Murders

    An Artist, A Muse, and Murder.  Written by: Tim Scott and Karen MichelleHosted by: Karen Michelle, Thadd Scott, Tim Scott and Chuck “Hawk” WaltersProduced by: Thadd Scott
  • Home Sweet Home: Phrogging

    Please join us as we discuss unwanted house guests. Written by: Tim ScottProduced by: Thadd ScottHosted by: Brandy Scott-Herrmann, Chuck Walters, Tim Scott, and Thadd Scott
  • Las Vegas Arsonist Philip Cline

    Busboy Philip Cline was found responsible for 8 deaths in the fire he started at the Las Vegas Hilton in 1981. Months earlier the MGM Grand went up in flames which was blamed on a pastry case, but some believe Mr. Cline was involved.As told by: Tim Scott, Chuck Walters, Brandy Herrmann, and Thadd ScottWritten and Produced by Thadd Scott
  • The Bra Murders

    Between 1967 and 1971, a serial killer stalked Stamford, Connecticut strangling women with their own bras. Produced by: Thadd ScottWritten by: Tim ScottHosted by: Brandy Herrmann, Tim Scott, and Thadd Scott
  • The Great Molasses Flood

    In 1919, a fifty-foot tank, holding 2.3 million gallons of Molasses, collapsed in Boston’s Northside, changing the neighborhood forever. Produced by: Thadd ScottWritten by: Tim ScottHosted by: Chuck Walters, Brandy Herrmann, and Tim Scott
  • Buried Alive!

    Join: The Colonel, Tim, Thadd, and special guest host Shellie as we discuss people who were buried a bit prematurely.Produced by: Thadd Scott Written By: Tim Scott Hosted by: Tim Scott, Chuck Walters, Thadd Scott, and special guest star Shellie.
  • Acid Test: The Brooklyn Murderess - Martha Place

    Join us as we discuss the first woman to die in the electric chairWritten by: Tim ScottHosted by: Brandy Herrmann, Chuck Walters and Tim ScottAudio Engineer: Thadd Scott