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Half-Hanged Mary

Not all women are well hung. This is the story of one.

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  • Seven Men Gone: The Killing Spree of Aileen Wuornos

    Written By: Tim ScottHosted By: Shellie Shel, Leanne Scott and Brandy HerrrmannProduced by: Thadd Scott.
  • Death in Room 1046

     On January 2, 1935, a lone man, checked into the President Hotel in Kansas City. What happened to him is still a mystery to this day. Written by: Tim ScottHosted by Brandy Herrmann, Chuck Walters, Thadd Scott and Tim ScottProduced by: Thadd Scott
  • Radium Girls

    When the ladies, working at the United States Radium Corporation (USRC), started glowing in the dark, it raised some concerns. Talk about a Glow Up!Written by: Tim ScottHosted by: Brandy Herrmann, Chuck Walters, Thadd Scott and Tim Scott. Produced by: Thadd ScottAudio Engineer: Thadd Scott
  • Tougher than a Bull Moose

    The attempted assassination of Teddy RooseveltWritten by: Tim ScottHosted By: Brandy, Chuck, Thadd, and Tim Produced by Thadd Scott
  • Who killed Bonnie Lee Bakley?

    When Bonnie Lee Bakley was murdered in downtown Los Angeles in May 2004, suspicion immediately turned to her actor husband Robert Blake. But was Blake guilty?Hosts: Brandy Herrmann, Chuck Walters, Tim Scott, and Thadd ScottWritten by: Tim ScottProduced by: Thadd Scott
  • The Death of John Holmes

    Porn Star John Holmes was bigger than life until he met his untimely demise.Written by: Tim ScottProduced by: Thadd ScottHosted by: Brandy, Chuck, Thadd and Tim
  • The Thanksgiving Cannibal

    If you dread spending the holidays with your family members, just be happy, you’re not spending Thanksgiving with Omaima Nelson.  Written by: Tim ScottProduced by: Thadd ScottHosted by an all-star cast: Brandy Herrmann, Chuck Walters, Tim Scott and Thadd Scott
  • Sharks and Shenanigans: Sydney's Shark Arm Case

    On April 25, 1935, at Australia’s Coogee Beach aquarium, a shark puked up a human arm and this incident sparked a mystery full of twists and turns. Explore with us as we dive into the Shark Arm Murders case that looms large in Sydney’s true crime.Hosted by: Tim Scott, Charles Walters, Shellie G. and Thadd ScottWritten by: Shellie G.Editing and Production: Thadd Scott
  • Death Of a Muse: The Beekman Hill Murders

    An Artist, A Muse, and Murder.  Written by: Tim Scott and Karen MichelleHosted by: Karen Michelle, Thadd Scott, Tim Scott and Chuck “Hawk” WaltersProduced by: Thadd Scott