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Hidden Greatness

6: Jenny Meadows | Switching your mentality to become a champion

Season 1, Ep. 6

Jenny Meadows (@jennymeadows800) who won the Diamond league over 800m in 2011 and earned medals in the World and European championships opens-up on the show about the financial implication drug cheats have caused her over the years of lost medals.

Meadows discusses how the death of her father impacted her mentally and was the switch she used to become a champion. Jenny recalls the time when she found out her dad had passed away and discusses how she felt and what actions she took to grieve.

During NLTV's podcast 'Hidden Greatness' Meadows discusses drugs in track and field, the amount of prize money she had potentially lost out on and why cheaters should get a life time ban.

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  • 7. 7: Carmelita Jeter | Shaking off a losing mindset is key

    Carmelita Jeter (@CarmelitaJeter) is the fastest woman alive. She won the 100m World Championships in 2011 and anchored Team USA's 4x100m team to Olympic gold and a new world record at the London 2012 Games.In this show, Jeter claims that females do not receive the same plaudits as her male counterparts when they when they excel in the sport is backed up by what she claims is her treatment after running the second fastest time ever over the 100m.We also talk about her career highs and lows, meeting President Barack Obama and the legend Michael Jordan.
  • 5. 5: Andy Turner | Appreciating your achievements helps happiness

    One of the Britain's fastest ever hurdlers of a generation Andy Turner (@Andyturner110h) joined us to talk about his track and field career and what spurred him to some of his greatest achievements.Andy Turner talk about how his journey began in becoming one of Great Britain's most prolific sprinters. He discusses why he chose track and field, opens up about his family, talks about how the death of his mother impacted him mentally and discusses the robbery which took place during her funeral.During NLTV's podcast 'Hidden Greatness' Turner highlights what prompted him to switch careers to Boxing then Body building and why he never appreciated his successful achievements.Turner was one of the few athletes to share the track with some of the fastest athletes ever in the sport, he opens up about how he felt carrying the former world record holder, Liu Xiang of the track during the London 2012 Olympic games after he fell injured.What We Discuss with Andy:What his life was like before becoming a hurdler.What racing with some of the greatest athletes ever felt like..Why he never regarded himself as one of the worlds best.The mental impact the death of his mother had..How he would deal with Impostor Syndrome.And much more…
  • 4. 4: Toni Minichiello | Teamwork makes the dreamwork

    The man who coached Dame Jess Ennis-Hill to Olympic and world titles, Toni Minichiello joined us on the show today (@Coach_Toni).We discuss about how he grew up as a immigrant in the UK, and talk about some of his choices as a young man. With all his success there had been some dark times in Toni's life which we also touched on and reflect on how he develop Ennis-Hill to become an Olympic champion....During NLTV's podcast 'Hidden Greatness' Minichiello talks about how the track and field funding system in the UK is broken and discusses ways in which it can be improved to aid better performances.The 2012, UK Coach of the year spoke about why he chose to be a track & field coach, discusses the highs and lows in the sport and blamed himself for the injury which led Ennis-Hill to miss out on the 2008 Olympics......What We Discuss with Toni:His decisions to become a coach from 19 years old.What it was like coaching Olympic champion Jessica Ennis-HillWhat it was like being recognised as one of the nations best coaches.The politics he had with British AthleticsHow he views the current state of track and field Internationally.And much more…
  • 3. 3: Mark Lewis-Francis | Always be yourself & have no regrets

    For all up and coming aspiring sports people who are talented, today we are joined by former Olympic, European and Commonwealth champion, Mark Lewis-Francis (@mlewisfrancis).We discuss what makes a championship performer, his life and injury.Mark was dubbed a child protégé and an exceptional talent of a generation who should go on to win major honors, but injury and his personal life away from the sport played a major part in the way his career turned out. His greatest sporting achievement at senior level was when he anchored the Great Britain and Northern Ireland 4 x 100 metres relay team to a gold medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics beating Olympic champion Maurice Greene in the process.Mark talks about his journey, how he got into track & Field, his influences and positive experiences during his career. He speaks about the death of his childhood coach and how it impacted him mentally. He gives advice to up & coming athletes, he talks about the impact of injury and what it was like working with the Olympic Champion Linford Christie.What We Discuss with Mark:Handling the death of his childhood coach.What it was like being a teenage sensation.Becoming Britain’s first ever Olympic Gold Medallist in the relay.Dealing with injury and coming back to winning ways.Life after Track and Field.And much more…
  • 2. 2: Tom Bosworth | Mental breakdown & discovering happiness

    Tom Bosworth (@tombosworth) is a British athlete that specialises in the Race Walk. He holds the record in the world record in 1mile race walk and currently holds British records for walking 3 km, 5 km, 10 km and 20 km. He Has won six British Outdoor Championships, along with five British Indoor Championships.Tom was the first 'openly gay' athlete on the British team when he came out as on the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire show. In the interview he explained that his family, friends and fellow sports athletes had known that he was gay for a number of years, and the coming out was to a wider audience to answer lingering questions from fans and to be himself. In 2016 he proposed to his now-fiance during the Rio 2016 Olympics.In the summer of 2017 he suffered a mental breakdown after competing in the World Championships in London. Not recognising this at the time he tried to continue his normal life. In 2018 he felt he could not cope no more and tried to take his own life.Bosworth has since then recovered from his illness and competed in the 2019 World Championships in Doha where he came 6th place.What We Discuss with Bosworth:Where he discovered a passion for Race Walking.How to deal with mental health issues and not hide from your reality.Being the first 'openly gay' athlete on the Great Britain team.Understand how sports men and woman are viewed by Governing bodies.Dealing with the aftermath of suicide.The future of Tom Bosworth.And much more…
  • 1. 1: Perri Shakes-Drayton Edwards | Injury teaches toughness

    Perri Shakes-Drayton Edwards (@shakesdrayton) is a retired British track and field athlete. She specialised in the 400 metres & 400 metres hurdles. In 2013 she experienced a knee injury at the 2013 World Championships that forced ultimately shaped the rest of her athletics career.She is the 2013 European Indoor Champion, a 2012 World Indoor Championship gold medalist in the 4 x 400 metres relay and a 2017 silver and 2011 bronze medalist in the 4 × 400 m relay at the World Championships.She had a spell on ITV's TV show Dancing on Ice and recently got married to Big Brother Nigeria TV personality Mike Edwards (@aireyys) .What We Discuss with Perri Shakes-Drayton:How she developed her mental attitude and the beginning of Perri Shakes-Drayton.How to deal with injury, not knowing the outcome and return to normality.How chasing your dreams with no backup plan can be detrimental.Why talking is very important to aid your mental well-being.The Perri Shakes-Drayton Journey and the impact of what led to who she is today.And much more…
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