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HiberNation With Bob Gordon

Episode 15 - Aminah Hughes

While suffering a health scare at the dawn of COVID-19 restrictions in Perth WA, Aminah Hughes saw some grand career plans disappear into the ether as well. The singer-songwriter/performer/director/photographer/journalist tells Bob about adjusting to unforeseen change and maintaining a creative outlook for both the arts and life in general.

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  • Episode 17 - Craig Hollywood of Short, Back And Sidewalks

    Craig Hollywood is the founder of Short Back & Sidewalks, a not-for-profit that provides haircuts and a cheerful ear to lean on for the homeless. He chats with Bob about the organisation and the challenges faced by the homeless during pandemic times and beyond.
  • Episode 16 - Mayor Brad Pettitt

    Dr Brad Pettitt has been the Mayor of Fremantle since 2009 and is soon looking to enter WA state politics as the Greens candidate for the South Metropolitan electorate next year. He chats to Bob about life and culture in the Port City in light of the COVID-19 era and beyond. Theme Music: 'Kamikaze' by Benjamin WittPhoto: Fremantle Herald
  • Episode 14 - Michael Dwyer

    With COVID-19 lockdown gripping Melbourne, journalist/musician/lecturer, Michael Dwyer, ponders iso, Bowie, Reed-ing and writing and gives Bob the real lowdown on the legacy of Tiny Tim. Pic: Chris RiordanTheme Music: Benjamin Witt
  • Episode 13 - Tim Rogers

    Rolling with the iso-punches in Melbourne as the city struggles with a COVID-19 surge, Tim Rogers chats with Bob about life off the road, regular walks, cocktail hour and how he almost left You Am I (who are now working on a new album).
  • Episode 12 - Daina Reid

    Perth-born/Melbourne-based creative, Daina Reid, has in recent times directed episodes of worldwide hits such as Space Force and The Handmaid's Tale. From lockdown in Melbourne she chats with Bob about maintaining a life within the (isolated) real world whilst shooting for the stars.
  • Episode 11 - Felicity Groom

    With a new album, Magnetic Resonance Centre, due to be released in the near future, music-maker/creator/player/producer, Felicity Groom, chats to Bob about juggling kids and creativity in iso and beyond.Photo: Lisa BusinovskiHiberNation Theme Music: 'Kamikaze' by Benjamin Witt
  • Episode 10 - GUM

    Jay Watson, aka GUM, has just released his fifth solo album, Out There In The World. The Tame Impala/POND multi-instrumentalist chats with Bob Gordon about releasing new music at a time of isolation and how six months’ worth of tour cancellations has gifted him more time to spend at home with his newborn son.Photo: Sam KristofskiHiberNation Theme Music: 'Kamikaze' by Benjamin Witt
  • Episode 9 - Tex Perkins

    Australian rock'n'roll icon, Tex Perkins, chats with Bob Gordon about his new venture, The Show, creating entertainment in isolation, and throws in a few memories along the way.