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60. How to have stuff without breaking the planet with Sandra Goldman

When did we start having such a strained relationship with stuff? And can you actually have stuff without breaking the planet? That is exactly what we'll get into in this episode with circular economy entrepreneur and author Sandra Goldmark.

Thing's we'll ponder together:

  • When and why did we lose touch with the value of things?
  • How can we care for things and fix them when they're broken?
  • How should we think about stuff to make sure they only fill a functional, balanced, and nurturing part of our lives?
  • What is circular economy and how can we achieve it?

We'll also start the episode with what I call "Maddie Chats" where Madeleine is coming back to the show to give you quick "need-to-know" about microplastics, a teaser of an upcoming episode when we'll dive a lot deeper into that world...

About Sandra:

Sandra is a circular economy entrepreneur and author whose work focuses on solutions to overconsumption and climate change. In her recent book Fixation: How to Have Stuff Without Breaking the Planet, she takes readers on a quest to radically reimagine what a healthy relationship with our stuff might look like.

Website: https://sandragoldmark.com/

Mentioned in the episode:

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