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Welfare Reform - Where We're Going (Part 3)

Michelle and I have been looking back on the great success of the bi partisan welfare reform act of 1996. In Part 1, Robert Rector told us that in order to serve the 1 in 7 American children who were dependent on government aid, we needed to do two things: first: require work in exchange for welfare, and second: strengthen families. In part 2, we heard that as a result of achieving these, welfare caseloads (which had not dropped significantly in 50 years) promptly fell by 60%, the child poverty rate suddenly dropped by a third (after being static for a quarter century), and the poverty rate for single-parent families has dropped by two-thirds since reform. But the Biden Administration and liberals in Congress are trying to upend these incredible successes, by giving welfare to people under the name of "tax credits", and requiring virtually nothing to get it. On this episode, Former Senator Rick Santorum joins us to talk about his role in passing welfare reform in 1996, and what we must do to pushback against The Left's attempt to rob people of the dignity of work.

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