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LIVE - Will Russia Invade Ukraine?

We are seeing video of trains rolling through Russia, moving tanks, guns, and ammo to the eastern Ukraine.  It looks very similar to video footage we saw back in 2014, when Putin moved troops into Ukraine and annexed Crimea.  Journalists on the ground are reporting a lot of different things about Putin’s intentions and how this will play out.  Lots of voices, lots of confusion, and massive potential implications. On this episode (recorded live), we talk with Robert Wilke. He's the former Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Under Secretary of Defense in the Trump Administration, and now visiting fellow at the Heritage Foundation. Wilke gives us important historical context for all that's at play, and ties it in with the current landscape. Join us as we take audience questions, and cut through the noise to and give you all that you need to know about this tense situation.

Watch the interview here:

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