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Kevin Roberts and Yuval Levin on the State of Our Institutions

This week, on "Heritage Explains" we share a conversation from "The Kevin Roberts Show" that really hits the nail on the head when it comes to our political landscape. Dr. Roberts and Yuval Levin, a director at the American Enterprise Institute, break down the current state of our institutions, why Americans have lost trust in them, and the standards we should be holding them to. Subscribe to "The Kevin Roberts Show" here.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2023

BONUS | The Danger of Fentanyl with Former DEA Agent Derek Maltz

Welcome to a bonus episode of Heritage Explains! We are looking forward to bringing you a new series starting on June 7, but in the next few weeks, we want to keep delivering you the best content to keep you informed about the important issues facing our country. In keeping with the series we just finished, six episodes on the threat of the Chinese Communist party, we are bringing you some bonus episodes, focusing on parts of the China story that we may have only covered tangentially or what to spend more time on. First up, an episode on the quiet killer that has taken the lives of thousands of Americans per year for the last several years: fentanyl. Since 2014, we’ve seen continuous, disturbing growth in the number of deaths due to overdose from synthetic opioids, most of them fentanyl. For this bonus episode, we’re pulling in a conversation from the Daily Signal Podcast which originally aired in January of this year, between our reporter Samantha Aescheris and Derek Maltz, a veteran of the Drug Enforcement Administration and expert on fentanyl. ---The Daily Signal Podcast: https://www.dailysignal.com/podcasts/More China Research from the Heritage Foundation: www.heritage.org/chinaWinning the New Cold War: A Plan for Countering China: https://www.heritage.org/asia/report/winning-the-new-cold-war-plan-countering-chinaThe Kevin Roberts Show: https://www.heritage.org/the-kevin-roberts-show