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Bridges to Nowhere, The Grateful Dead, and the Federal Budget

The Federal Government sends over $800 billion dollars a year to States and local governments to be spent on many wasteful projects. This week, we sit down with Mike Nichols of the Badger Institute and David Ditch of the Heritage Foundation to talk about our out-of-control spending on wasteful projects, and the impact this has on federalism and state sovereignty. 


Show Notes:


Federal Grantstanding: How federal grants are depriving us of our money, liberty and trust in government – and what we can do about (Book) it https://www.badgerinstitute.org/BI-Files/Federalism/Federalism-Book/FederalismbookFinalPDFs.pdf


Taxpayers Taken For A Ride (Badger Institute video on “The Hop,” Milwaukee’s new $128 million streetcar)



Taxpayers Deserve A Refund; California’s Rail Debacle



Taxpayers Get The Shaft; New York’s Crazy Expensive Subway Elevators


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