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Why America Needs the Long Range Standoff Weapon

America has embarked on a long-overdue effort to modernize its nuclear deterrent, most of which is decades old and becoming obsolete. A critical part of this effort is the Air Force’s development of the Long Range Standoff weapon (LRSO), a new generation of the current nuclear-armed air-launched cruise missile (ALCM), which is quickly aging out.  

As argued in a newly-released Heritage Foundation report, the LRSO will be critical to maintaining the air leg of the nuclear triad, enabling bombers to hold at risk well-defended targets for decades to come. Yet as with any major nuclear acquisition program, the LRSO faces roadblocks, including decreasing defense budgets, acquisition challenges, and strident anti-nuclear opposition.

To make LRSO a reality, we should be prepared to answer tough questions. Do bombers really need cruise missiles? What capabilities will LRSO provide? How will this weapon impact strategic stability?  

Join us as our expert panel takes on these questions and more. 

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