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The Violent Attacks in Portland and Why Americans Deserve Law and Order

The Nation is reeling from sustained physical, verbal, and political attacks on our brave and patriotic law enforcement officers. These men and women put their lives on the line every single day to keep our communities safe. Instead of thanking them, a large portion of our society has subjected them to vulgar criticisms and vile characterizations. We have also seen extreme cases, such as in Portland, where violent anarchists, domestic terrorists, and thugs have wreaked violent attacks against law enforcement. Unfortunately, this has turned into a large movement to eliminate them altogether.

Commissioner Mark Morgan is the head of the largest law enforcement agency in the entire country. He has a long career in law enforcement, from police work, to the FBI, leading ICE, and now CBP. There is no one better situated to discuss how important law enforcement is and all the great work they are doing to restore law and order.

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