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The Need to Maintain U.S. Nuclear Deterrence: The Growing Threat from China and Russia

When the Cold War ended, many thought that democracy had triumphed over authoritarianism. However, today’s Russia and China are both attempting to undermine U.S. values and leadership and install a new world order based on autocratic values. Nuclear weapons will serve as a central feature in this struggle, presenting the urgent need to ensure America’s own nuclear deterrence remains safe, secure, and reliable. Hear about this threat and what America must do to preserve peace.

Back to Reagan’s Future: The Importance of Nuclear Deterrence and Missile Defense for an Uncertain World

The American public often associates nuclear deterrence with the Cold War. Unfortunately, the nuclear threat from America’s adversaries is arguably more dangerous than ever before. In the face of strategic competitors like China and Russia and threats from rogue states such as Iran and North Korea, American nuclear deterrence and missile defense must be at the top of the national security agenda. In order to build a realistic nuclear policy for today’s world, it is important to take stock of the threat and our capabilities, and carefully consider policy options for the future. This series will convene leading experts to discuss the current nuclear landscape.

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