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Exposing the Myth of American Income Inequality

The left will have you believe the American rich are getting richer while the poor get poorer. But the reality is that income inequality in our country is lower today than any time since World War II.

Former Texas Senator Phil Gramm has the data to prove it. In The Myth of American Inequality: How Government Biases Policy Debate, he, along with co-authors Robert Ekelund and John Early, shows that the American Dream is still alive and well despite pervasive liberal lies about our economic well-being.

Gramm, originally a Democrat who became a Republican, was influential in the Reagan revolution and an unrelenting force for economic freedom, lower taxes, and balanced budgets. Join us as he sits down with Heritage’s Steve Moore to expose the myth of income inequality in America.

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  • Events | What Ails the Working Class in America?

    America has been a notably hard-working society for most of its history—but has become much less so in recent decades. Labor-force participation, especially among men of prime working age, has fallen to levels not seen since the Great Depression and is particularly low in certain regions of the Middle West and South. The decline of work has coincided with declining health status and longevity and high levels of drug addiction.Policy analysts and political leaders have offered widely differing explanations for these discouraging trends, from trade policies and globalization to welfare policies, cultural upheavals, and regulatory suppression of economic opportunities. Their ideas for reversing course have important implications not only for national social and economic welfare, but also for partisan politics, as working-class Americans have been shifting significantly from their traditional home in the Democratic Party to the Republican Party.Join us to learn more about this critical topic as Heritage’s Christopher DeMuth moderates a conversation with Oren Cass (author of The Once and Future Worker: A Vision for the Renewal of Work in America), Nicholas Eberstadt (author of Men Without Work), Iain Murray (author of The Socialist Temptation), and former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum (author of Blue Collar Conservatives: Recommitting to an America That Works).
  • Events | An Agenda for Regaining America’s Maritime Security and Competitiveness

    Our nation has fallen behind the threat from China. Beijing’s ongoing maritime aggression and numerous war games have cast doubt on whether our Navy can sustain peace or win in war. Making matters worse, the nation’s shipping, shipbuilding, and merchant marine, on which the nation relies to supply its forces abroad and economy at home, has atrophied to a dangerous state. This vulnerability invites economic blackmail and worse, the inability to sustain the nation’s military in war let alone keep a wartime industry functioning.Yet, our nation still has comparative advantages in which it must invest and leverage to stay ahead of China; large innovative capacity, like-minded partners around the world, and a compelling, prosperous, and energetic democratic society. To prevail in today’s New Cold War, our Navy’s decline must be reversed, and the strategically important maritime industry given the attention it deserves.
  • The Power Hour | Does America Risk Losing its Technological Edge Because of Bad Energy Policy?

    The Power Hour is a weekly podcast that discusses the most interesting energy and environmental policy issues of the day with top national experts. Jack welcomes Heritage colleagues Annie Chestnut Tudor and Mario Loyola this week to discuss the tech industry and its projected energy requirements. Annie is a leading expert in technology policy and Mario, a recent Power Hour guest, knows more about energy policy than just about anyone. Together, this duo paints a stark picture of what we are facing when juxtaposing the rising energy demand of the tech industry against the energy supply problems we are sure to face with Biden’s green energy agenda. Join the conversation with an email to! Tell us what you thought of the podcast and what you want to here in the future. Thank you for listening and being part of the Power Hour!
  • Events | The Legal Issues Behind the Colorado Ballot Disqualification Case

    The Colorado Supreme Court ruled that former President Donald Trump should be struck from the ballot for violating Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, which applies to certain officials who have engaged in insurrection or rebellion. Does this Section apply to the former President? Can state officials enforce it in the absence of an implementing statute from Congress? Does this Section still apply in 2024?On February 8, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Trump v. Anderson – what may be one of most important cases the Court has ever considered. Join us on the eve of oral arguments as Heritage’s John Malcolm moderates a discussion of the legal issues with Josh Blackman (co-author of a law review article on the subject), Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita (who is leading a coalition of 27 states supporting Trump), Patrick Strawbridge of Consovoy McCarthy (former Supreme Court clerk who filed an amicus brief for the RNC and NRCC), and Heritage Senior Fellow Hans von Spakovsky.
  • The Power Hour | Is America Heading for Blackouts?

    The Power Hour is a weekly podcast that discusses the most interesting energy and environmental policy issues of the day with top national experts. We are joined today by Isaac Orr of the Center for the American Experiment. Isaac is an expert on the electricity grid and explains how poor policy choices are leading to instability in our electric supplies. In fact, Isaac has done the hard work of modeling out exactly what will happen to our electricity supply if we don’t change course. If you want to know what he found, you’ll have to listen to the Power Hour! But here is a hint: it's not good. Join the conversation with an email to! Tell us what you thought of the podcast and what you want to here in the future. Thank you for listening and being part of the Power Hour!
  • Events | Safeguarding Kids Online: How to Clean Up Big Tech’s Mess

    Big Tech overreach has devastated American youth. Join The Heritage Foundation for expert commentary following Senate testimony from the CEOs of Meta, X, TikTok, Snap, and Discord on their failures to protect children online. Our program will highlight innovative policy solutions that state and federal leaders can leverage today to safeguard our kids online, beginning with a fireside chat between VA Attorney General Jason Miyares and Heritage President Kevin Roberts, followed by an expert panel discussion moderated by Tech Policy Center Director Kara Frederick, and ending with a keynote address by Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN).
  • Events | NATO Secretary General on Modern Needs of the Alliance 75 Years After Its Founding

    NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg joins Heritage to underscore the needs for increased and sustained defense spending across the NATO alliance, more balanced burden-sharing, and the ramping up of defense production to rise to the challenges of this pivotal moment.
  • Events | A Decade of Decline: The Need to Restore America’s Military Power

    Most Americans do not realize the sorry state the U.S. military is in. Following years of overextension, deployments, and a lack of prioritizing defense spending on what is needed to fight and win America’s wars, the military is far from the strong force built by Ronald Reagan to defeat the Soviets. The tenth edition of The Heritage Foundation’s Index of U.S. Military Strength makes that clear. With adversaries growing in strength and causing chaos in nearly every corner of the globe, coupled with a new Cold War with China, this weakness only makes the world more dangerous. But American military power can be restored if the urgency is felt, and the right actions are taken now.Join us for a conversation with Senator Roger Wicker, followed by a panel with retired Lieutenant General Keith Kellogg, noted grand strategist Elbridge Colby, and former Green Beret Joe Kent on how we can reverse a decade of decline and restore America’s military power.
  • Events | Heritage Foundation Launches National Taskforce to Combat Antisemitism

    Since the horrific atrocities committed by Hamas against innocent Israeli babies, children, men, and women on October 7, 2023, we have witnessed an alarming rise in antisemitic incidents in the U.S. In response, Heritage and partner organizations launched the National Task Force to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism in the United States. Join us for the first public meeting with keynote remarks by former U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman and a discussion with Eliav Benjamin, Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of Israel to the United States.