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Events | A Decade of Decline: The Need to Restore America’s Military Power

Most Americans do not realize the sorry state the U.S. military is in. Following years of overextension, deployments, and a lack of prioritizing defense spending on what is needed to fight and win America’s wars, the military is far from the strong force built by Ronald Reagan to defeat the Soviets. The tenth edition of The Heritage Foundation’s Index of U.S. Military Strength makes that clear. With adversaries growing in strength and causing chaos in nearly every corner of the globe, coupled with a new Cold War with China, this weakness only makes the world more dangerous. But American military power can be restored if the urgency is felt, and the right actions are taken now.

Join us for a conversation with Senator Roger Wicker, followed by a panel with retired Lieutenant General Keith Kellogg, noted grand strategist Elbridge Colby, and former Green Beret Joe Kent on how we can reverse a decade of decline and restore America’s military power.

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  • The Power Hour | Nuclear Energy is Having a Moment and Christine Fletcher Tells Us Why

    The Power Hour is a weekly podcast that discusses the most interesting energy and environmental policy issues of the day with top national experts. Jack talks this week with Christine Fletcher, Vice President, North American Young Generation in Nuclear about the rising popularity of nuclear energy among Americans in general, and with young Americans specifically. They discuss why the accident at Fukushima may not have had the cultural imprint that past accidents, such as Chernobyl and Three Mile Island had, the economic impact of nuclear energy, and how access to more information is key to changing people’s perception about the technology.  NAGYN is a great organization and you can learn more about them here, including links to all of their social media.  Join the conversation with an email to! Thank you for listening and please don’t forget to subscribe and help us to spread the word.
  • The Power Hour | Reviving America's Commercial Uranium Fuel Enrichment Industry with Amir Vexler, President and CEO, Centrus

    The Power Hour is a weekly podcast that discusses the most interesting energy and environmental policy issues of the day with top national experts. Join Jack this week for a must listen conversation with Amir Vexler, President and CEO of America's only domestically owned uranium enrichment company. Jack and Amir discuss everything from the technical details of enrichment to the history of uranium enrichment in the United States to how uranium fuel markets work. Of particular interest is their discussion of how the United States became dependent on Russian uranium to fuel its reactors and what can be done about it.  Centrus has a very informative page to learn more about the nuclear fuel cycle here and you can reach out to Amir at his LinkedIn here.   Join the conversation with an email to! Thank you for listening and please don’t forget to subscribe and help us to spread the word.  
  • The Power Hour | The Green Agenda and Its Impact on the States with Jason Hayes

    The Power Hour is a weekly podcast that discusses the most interesting energy and environmental policy issues of the day with top national experts. Join Jack this week for a conversation with Jason Hayes, Director of Energy and Environment at the Mackinac Center—a leading state-based research and policy institution. Jack and Jason discuss how Washington talking points on energy policy transform from the theoretical to impacting real lives and businesses on the ground in the states. They talk nuclear energy, Washington’s EV mandate, the electricity grid and a bunch of other topics, including how to pronounce Mackinac. Check out some of Jason’s and Mackinac’s work here and here.  Join the conversation with an email to! Thank you for listening and please don’t forget to subscribe and help us to spread the word.
  • Events | The History of Natural Law in American Law

    In recent years, there has been renewed interest in the role of natural law in American law. Several important scholars, such as Jud Campbell and Richard H. Helmholz, have examined how courts and other legal actors used natural law reasoning at the Founding. Others, such as J. Joel Alicea, have argued over whether the natural law tradition requires or is consistent with a particular theory of constitutional adjudication, such as originalism.Join Professors Alicea, Campbell, and Helmholz for a lively discussion on the historical role that natural law has played in the American legal system and potential theoretical implications of natural law reasoning for constitutional adjudication, moderated by Heritage scholar Paul J. Ray.This event is co-sponsored with the Project on Constitutional Originalism and the Catholic Intellectual Tradition at The Catholic University of America
  • Events | We Win, and They Lose: A Conservative Strategy to Win the New Cold War

    Drawing inspiration from President Ronald Reagan’s goal for the contest with the Soviet Union - “We win, and they lose” - Matthew Kroenig and Dan Negrea’s new book, We Win They Lose: Republican Foreign Policy & the New Cold War, articulates a conservative strategy to defeat the Chinese Communist Party as America navigates a New Cold War.Dissecting the major national security challenges implicated in the New Cold War, from the Chinese partnership with authoritarian powers and American adversaries across the globe to the disaster unfolding on America’s unsecured southern border, Kroenig and Negrea explain how a conservative approach is best positioned to address these complex challenges and make the 21st century an American century.
  • Events | Perspectives on American, British, and Irish Trade Relations

    “Described in 2017 as the second most powerful woman in UK politics, Arlene Foster made her first appearance on BBC Newsnight aged 17, after her school bus was bombed by the PIRA,” notes Foster’s website.Having lived through a terrorist attack at a young age, Baroness Foster knew that she wanted to be a leader of change in Northern Ireland. Throughout her career in politics, she has held several positions—Minister for the Environment, Minister for the Department of Enterprise Trade and Investment, and Minister for Finance and Personnel, to name a few. Most recently, she held the position of First Minister of Northern Ireland. Drawing on these recent experiences, Baroness Foster will highlight post-Brexit benefits to transatlantic trade and endorse a U.S.-U.K. Free Trade Agreement in a conversation with Heritage Senior Trade Policy Analyst Andrew Hale.In addition to currently sitting in the House of Lords, Baroness Foster is also a presenter on GB News. In keeping with her lifelong campaign against terrorism, she has recently used her platforms to call out the antisemitism and pro-Hamas positions of the left-wing parties in the U.K. and Ireland.
  • The Power Hour | Everything You Wanted to Know About Molten Salt Reactors but Were Afraid to Ask

    The Power Hour is a weekly podcast that discusses the day’s most interesting energy and environmental policy issues with top national experts. Jack is joined today by Flibe Energy’s President and Chief Technologist, Kirk Sorensen. What is Flibe Energy, you ask? Well, it is a leading nuclear technology company that wants to change our lives for the better with their molten salt reactors. And why is it called Flibe? You will have to listen to find out—and to be smarter than all your friends. In all seriousness, you will want to check out this fascinating conversation with one of the most interesting voices in nuclear energy.  Once you listen to the podcast (or before), check out this important article by Kirk that explains how nuclear technology is not just critical to energy production but also for the medical community and you will see why Kirk is so passionate about the issue.  Join the conversation with an email to!   Don’t forget to tell us what you thought of the podcast and what you want to hear in the future. Thank you for listening and being part of the Power Hour!
  • Events | What Americans Need to Know About Abortion Survivors

    Abortion survivors’ stories of resilience and courage humanize the vague discourse of “choice” and life emerging from the womb. These stories emerge to become inspiring dramas of hope, love, and forgiveness. What about the stories that end differently?Though Roe v. Wade has been overturned at the federal level, there is still much to be done in the states to preserve the right to life for every man, woman, and child. Join our panel of experts as they discuss their first-hand experiences working to preserve a culture of life in the United States and learn more about what you can do to help.
  • Events | The 2024 Russell Kirk Lecture featuring Ayaan Hirsi Ali

    The Heritage Foundation and Alliance Defending Freedom are honored to announce that the renowned author and social activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali will deliver the 2024 Russell Kirk Lecture. Hirsi Ali has received innumerable awards and honors for her courageous opposition to political Islamism and vigorous advocacy of the besieged Western traditions of freedom of religion, inquiry, and speech. Her Russell Kirk Lecture will be an important extension of her thinking to the current upheavals in the Middle East and in Western culture and politics.Ayaan Hirsi Ali was born in Somalia in 1969 and was raised there, in Saudi Arabia, and in Kenya. In 1992, en route to an arranged marriage to a distant cousin, Hirsi Ali escaped to the Netherlands, where she eventually became a leading member of the Dutch Parliament. She came to the United States in 2006, accepting a fellowship at the American Enterprise Institute, and became an American citizen in 2013. Her dramatic life story and the evolution of her political thinking are related in her best-selling books Infidel (2006), Nomad (2010), Heretic (2015), and Prey (2021). She is a prolific essayist, and her recent “Why I Am Now a Christian” (UnHerd, Nov. 11, 2023) has attracted worldwide attention. Presently, Hirsi Ali is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution and founder of the AHA Foundation.The namesake of the lecture, famed scholar Russell Kirk (1918–1994), established the philosophical foundations of the modern conservative movement with his landmark books The Conservative Mind (1953) and The Roots of American Order (1974). He was instrumental in the founding of National Review and Modern Age and was for many years a distinguished fellow of The Heritage Foundation.Kirk’s political philosophy, summarized in his “six cannons of conservatism,” emphasized tradition and convention, transcendence and piety, political prudence, and ordered liberty. His application of those canons to contemporary issues, in a steady stream of essays, lectures, and newspaper columns, was always noteworthy and often provocative and controversial. Today, his works and legacy are being preserved and advanced by The Russell Kirk Center for Cultural Renewal.The Russell Kirk Lecture Series recognizes eminent thinkers in the tradition of “the father of American conservatism.” Previous lecturers are Bishop Robert Barron, Robert George, Roger Scruton, Shelby Steele, George Nash, Robert Reilly, David Goldman, Roger Kimball, and Gary Saul Morson.