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The Way Forward for the U.S. in a Post-INF World

On December 4, 2018, after five years of failed attempts to get Russia to return to compliance with the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty obligations and verifiably destroy its 9M729 missile system, the U.S. officially announced its intentions to withdraw from the treaty. There is much debate regarding what actions the U.S. should take as it prepares to withdraw from the INF treaty. Most analysts agree the U.S. should continue to encourage the Russian government to renegotiate an updated INF Treaty. Some experts propose that in parallel with these efforts, the U.S. should develop and field new low-yield nuclear weapons as well as improved conventional ground-launched cruise missile systems and cruise missile defenses. They assert that these actions would better deter Russian use of low-yield nuclear weapons and better defend its NATO allies from Russian cruise missile threats. Opponents of these recommendations counter that the U.S. development of low-yield nuclear weapons, ground-launched cruise missiles and improved cruise missile defenses will only antagonize Russia and lead to a new arms race. Please join us for a discussion on the recommended way ahead for the U.S. in a post-INF world.

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