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Evaluating Threats to Religious Freedom in China

Threats to religious freedom in China were on the rise in 2018, especially after the Chinese government instituted its new Regulations on Religious Affairs in February 2018. Christians in China are facing newfound persecution. Between September and December of last year, three major churches, the Early Rain Covenant Church, Zion Church, and Rongguilli Church were shuttered. Muslims in Xinjiang are experiencing terrifying surveillance and between 800,000 to more than 1 million individuals are now held in political “reeducation” facilities facing unknown fates. Persecution of Tibetans likewise intensified with religious structures and homes of Tibetans destroyed. Persons of faith are increasingly under siege as China attempts to “Sinicize”, or secularize, religious practice so that it conforms to the values and priorities of the Chinese Communist Party. Promoting religious freedom has been in the U.S. ethos for generations, and over the past year the U.S. government has consistently condemned heightened threats to religious freedom in China. Please join us as we consider next steps the U.S. government can take to hold China accountable for its violations of religious freedom.

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