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The Academy Awards: Do They (Still) Matter?

For nearly a century, the Academy Awards have been given to Hollywood’s favorite movies and the people who made them—from Casablanca and Titanic to 2018’s winner, Green Book. But a large cultural gap has developed between the awards and Middle America. Nominated movies like the pot-boiler Vice and politically-correct speeches by Oscar winners like Spike Lee have sparked questions like: Who are the members of the Academy of Arts and Sciences? What is their political affiliation? What is the process that decides the winners? Are the results skewed by the millions of dollars spent to promote this movie and that actor? And there are larger questions: Why does Hollywood avoid making movies that celebrate America’s past? Should cultural conservatives step up and underwrite up-lifting movies like It’s a Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street? Do the Academy Awards still matter or is it time for an alternative film festival? We agree with Andrew Breitbart that politics is downstream from culture and invite you to attend a far-ranging discussion of the recent Academy Awards and whether they reflect the cultural views of most Americans.

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