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Transatlantic Security After the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty

You are invited to attend the inaugural session of the Transatlantic Security After the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty event series, presented by the Ronald Reagan Institute and The Heritage Foundation. On December 8, 1987, President Ronald Reagan and General Secretary Michael Gorbachev signed the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, thereby eliminating an entire classification of nuclear and conventional missiles. Walking the Cold War powers back from a potential nuclear conflict remains one of President Reagan’s most important accomplishments. For many years after the Cold War, the INF Treaty effectively prevented another arms race between the United States and Russia and stood as a bulwark of transatlantic security. In response to continuing Russian violations of the treaty, the United States formally suspended its INF obligations and will withdraw from the treaty in August. The U.S. withdrawal, which comes in the context of renewed turbulence in transatlantic security, only highlights the growing need to deter a resurgent Russia. Join us for a keynote address from the Honorable Raimundas Karoblis, the Minister of National Defense of the Republic of Lithuania. Sharing a Lithuanian perspective on the U.S.-European security relationship in a post-INF world, Minister Karoblis will address the challenges posed by the new strategic environment, as well as areas for continued transatlantic security cooperation.

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