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Love Your Enemies: How Decent People Can Save America from the Culture of Contempt

Divisive politicians. Screaming heads on television. Angry campus activists. Twitter trolls. Today in America there is an “outrage industrial complex” that prospers by setting American against American, creating a “culture of contempt” — the habit of seeing those who disagree with you as not merely incorrect but also worthless as people. Brooks reminds us that today, one in six Americans have stopped talking to close friends and family members over politics, millions are organizing their social lives and curating their news to avoid hearing different viewpoints. Ideological polarization is at its worst since the Civil War. At the same time, 93 percent of Americans are tired of the country’s disunity. So, instead of retreating and hunkering down in ideological bubbles, Brooks proposes new, practical steps for healthy engagement with our opponents. Blending the latest behavioral research and ancient wisdom, Brooks offers a better way to lead by bridging divides and mending relationships.

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