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The 3 Different Ways to Lose Weight based on Your Genetics

Ep. 124

Today’s guest, Dr. Sam Shay, DC, IFMCP helps busy health-conscious entrepreneurs obtain and sustain high performance so that they can create more freedom for themselves and others. He will talk about genetic code and weight loss. He is trained in chiropractic functional and acupuncture medicine and he helps people to determine their unique genetic code for successful weight loss, his new book, your missing genes, the revolutionary method, define your ideal diet, the balanced weight, and help stop the clock on the effects of aging details. The three different ways to successfully lose weight based on your genetics. 

Your Missing Genes: Your revolutionary method to find your ideal diet, the balanced weight, and help "Stop-the-Clock" of the effects of aging 

Get it here: https://drsamshay.com/genetics/

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