Her Brilliant Health Revolution with Dr. Kyrin


#000: Introduction with Dr. Kyrin Dunston

Women’s Natural Health Expert, Kyrin Dunston MD, shares her personal journey of healing and talks about just what exactly Her Brilliant Health is and how the podcast will help you achieve it.

A successful OBGYN who seemed to “have it all”, Dr. Kyrin weighed 243 pounds and suffered with myriad health conditions and symptoms including chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, hair loss and low sex drive and was miserable and hopeless.

Despite being a qualified women’s health expert, Board Certified OBGYN, the diagnostics and treatments Dr. Kyrin was aware of failed to uncover a cause for her weight and other health issues and to alleviate her symptoms.

Until she discovered Functional Medicine, a unique specialty that uses special testing of hormones, toxicity and nutritional deficiency to uncover the root causes of disease and physical dysfunction and treats them naturally, with lifestyle modification of diet, activity, stress management and nutraceutical supplementation.

Dr. Kyrin lost 100 pounds and healed from all of the conditions and symptoms she had been suffering with for years. Her personal transformation was quickly followed by a professional transformation as she began using this unique type of medical care with her patients and they, too experienced the same transformative benefits not only on their weight and energy levels but also on their overall health and disease states.

In 2011 Dr. Kyrin retired from OBGYN to practice Functional Medicine full time, first in a traditional one on one office practice setting. Ultimately, her desire to bring knowledge of this type of medical care to a wider audience of women inspired her to write a book detailing her ultra-successful weight loss and health optimization program: Cracking the Bikini Code: 6 Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss Success. Her virtual group programs, including the Bikini Code Boot Camp, proved that women could lose 20-30 pounds from international locales doing the program on their own with weekly contact through the group and Dr. Kyrin. These programs continue to this day.

Her Brilliant Health Radio is the next step towards raising awareness among women worldwide regarding this type of innovative, life giving medical care that doesn’t use drugs to control symptoms as the first option. Instead, it identifies and addresses the underlying root causes of disease and symptoms, in many cases obviating the need for pharmaceutical intervention.

Dr. Kyrin explains her philosophy of health care and just what Her Brilliant Health means in this episode.

Lean in to learn about these and more insights from Dr. Kyrin. Find out exactly what to expect from this podcast going forward and how it might benefit you, and those you love.

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Key topics covered in this episode include:

  • Difficulties in knowing who to trust for health education and guidance
  • Common lingering questions everybody has about their health
  • Kyrin’s personal health journey and insights it holds for you
  • Why health is a journey and not a destination
  • Essential components of healing from physical illness
  • Why virtual medicine allows real healing
  • The birth and definition of Her Brilliant Health
  • What this podcast will deliver

Thanks for listening to the podcast. To learn more about working with Dr. Kyrin go to www.kyrindunstonmd.com


“Her brilliant health leads to her brilliant life!” Dr. Kyrin

“This podcast is dedicated to each beautiful, precious, unrepeatable soul, with a body, that needs your attention in order to serve you and help you to deliver your unique gits and fully enjoy your life.” Dr. Kyrin

“Her Brilliant Health is health that inspires you to Go There! And Do That! To express your unique genius and bring your unique gifts to this world.” Dr. Kyrin

Links Mentioned:

Dr. Kyrin Website: https://www.kyrindunstonmd.com

Her Brilliant Health Radio Website: https://www.herbrillianthealthradio.com

Link to YouTube video: https://youtu.be/90WOsUkbZPc

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