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#004: No Grain, No Pain with Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne dubbed as the ‘Gluten-Free Warrior’ and ‘The King of Gluten Allergy’ in his Origins Practice in Sugarland, Texas – he also addresses the root cause/ origins of people’s disease with his bestselling book ‘No Grain, No Pain.’

Looking back 15 years ago people would ignore the fact that gluten is one of the factors as that triggers autoimmune disease. Now there are several gluten-free foods available in most stores across the country.

Dr. Osborne digs deeper about what gluten sensitivity is, when to get tested and what gluten does to your body. Should you stop eating grains? He also talked about how gluten affects your weight.

Key topics covered in this episode include:

  • Auto-immune diseases such as celiac disease and leaky gut are found to be a result of gluten in the diet
  • Fasting can alleviate pain
  • Daily movement can help detoxification
  • Number 1 predictive factor for longevity is the quantity of muscle mass they have
  • Disease is an accumulated bad decisions
  • Elimination diet does not solve the problem

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Dr. Peter Osborne's website - https://drpeterosborne.com/

Dr. Peter Osborne's No Grain, No Pain Book - http://nograinnopainbook.com/ 

Link to YouTube video - https://youtu.be/ky3-ejX9u0s

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#102: What’s If It’s NOT Depression with Dr. Achina Stein

At least 15% of adults will experience depression at some point in their lifetime.In many cases, the symptom of depression occurs as a direct result of specific imbalances present in the body that go undiagnosed due to the current medical paradigm of solely controlling the symptom with pharmaceutical drugs.What if you could uncover, discover and address the underlying root cause of your depression and be free from this disabling symptom once and for all?Dr. Achina Stein shares how her son went from preparing to jump to his death from a balcony to thriving in life by doing just this.Her heroic journey transformed her understanding of what true health and healing are and how they are created by addressing the root causes of disease.Key Notes:Making a mental health illness diagnosisFactors that affect mental healthTraditional medical treatment of depression with pharmacologics-is it really better than placebo?The role of root cause resolution or functional medicine in addressing mental health illnessQuotes:“You can’t put a human being who’s very complex into a little box.”– Dr. Achina Stein“Foods can be poison and food can sometimes heal.” – Dr. Achina Stein“Your gut is your second brain.” – Dr. KyrinLinks Mentioned:Dr. Achina Stein’s website - https://www.achinasteindo.com/What’s If It’s NOT Depression book - https://www.amazon.com/What-Its-NOT-Depression-Solutions-ebook/dp/B082BGWVD2