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#032: Heal Your Hunger with Tricia Nelson

When you feel stressed – do you reach out for a cookie?

When you feel happy – do you celebrate with eating food that might not in your best interest?

Are there certain emotions you resist feeling? Perhaps anger? Or sadness?

If so, then you might be suffering from emotional eating.

The majority of Americans have a weight problem. Most people are aware what foods promote weight loss and health and may stick to their plan for a while. Eventually, many fall off the straight and narrow and once again begin eating foods that increase the scales.

I’ve seen it over and over again with my clients. And emotional eating is the root cause of it.

In this episode Emotional Eating Expert Tricia Nelson spells out exactly what emotional eating is and details some steps you can begin taking today to moderate it. Tricia truly exemplifies that your pain becomes your purpose. Her journey through emotional eating ultimately led her to her professional expertise and passion.

If you’re struggling with adhering to your eating program the insights shared in this episode might provide the light and direction you are needing to move forward successfully.

Key Notes:

  • Discover exactly what emotional eating is and how it relates to food addiction
  • How to use the PEP Test (Pain, Escape, Punishment)
  • Understand key factors in recovering and healing your hunger
  • Learn the relationship between food and sex


“I love food and I love eating but I’m eating to live and not living to eat.” – Tricia Nelson

“Oftentimes, we are eating to kill emotional pain, escape or as a reward.” – Tricia Nelson

“Functional medicine and its tools work but it doesn’t work if you don’t work it – When it doesn’t work it’s often because of compulsive eating.” – Dr. Kyrin Dunston

“Emotional eaters are emotional snackers. Eating three full meals a day is the #1 action to take to reduce this.” – Tricia Nelson

“You don’t have a weight problem, you have a perception problem.’” – Dr. Kyrin Dunston

“Her brilliant health means shining our light.” – Tricia Nelson


Links Mentioned:

Tricia Nelson’s website - https://www.healyourhunger.com/

10 Weeks to Freedom from Emotional Eating program - https://healyourhunger.lpages.co/10-weeks-to-freedom-from-emotional-eating-now/

Link to YouTube video - https://youtu.be/GzOHAPStoTM

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