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#035: Emotional Mastery In 90 Seconds with Dr. Joan Rosenberg

Many people fail to create lives that they love living due to 8 unpleasant feelings they are unable or unwilling to deal with effectively. If we don’t know how to move past anger, sadness, guilt, shame, helplessness, embarrassment, disappointment, frustration and vulnerability then we may be subject to living a life less than the true expression of ourselves. A life less glorious and fulfilling than what is possible.

In this episode psychologist and life coach Dr. Joan Rosenberg highlights the One Choice we can make regarding these 8 feelings in 90 seconds that has the potential to transform our lives for the better. This Choice can remove doubt and disappointment and replace it with confidence, emotional strength and self-esteem. 

Confidence happens whenever you have the deep sense that you can handle the emotional outcome of whatever you pursue. Dr. Rosenberg is committed to assisting people in creating the confidence to create lives that they love. This episode highlights the essentials of her teachings and starts you on the path to greater fulfillment.



“Confidence happens from the inside out.” – Dr. Joan Rosenberg

“Through speaking we gain confidence.” – Dr. Joan Rosenberg

 “When we aren’t in touch with our feelings, we cut off from our bodies and that’s what creates illness.” – Dr. Kyrin Dunston

“Fear of rejection is fear of disappointment or embarrassment.” – Dr. Joan Rosenberg

“Her brilliant health is a woman who is grounded from her own experience, has a vision of who she wants to become and embodies that.” – Dr. Joan Rosenberg

“If you neglect the mental, emotional or spiritual – you just won’t get the shiny brilliant health that you deserve.” – Dr. Kyrin Dunston


Links Mentioned:

Dr. Joan Rosenberg’s website – https://drjoanrosenberg.com/

FREE gift - https://drjoanrosenberg.com/gift

TedX Talk - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKy19WzkPxE

Link to YouTube video - https://youtu.be/qtb6j_U1wuM


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