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#044: The Sacred Feminine with Syma Kharal

Goddesses are usually associated with beauty and wisdom. This is how we usually perceive them. But did you know that you have an inner goddess that is just waiting to be unleashed?

What does tapping into your inner goddess mean and how is it associated with healing?

When it comes to the divine feminine, International Sacred Feminine coach Syma Kharal discusses with us in this podcast episode about the rituals, different archetypes and how to unleash the feminine power within you to aid you towards having brilliant health and it is not just about physical but also the spiritual being.

Key Notes:

  • What is the Divine Feminine and how to discover and connect to your Divine Feminine?
  • How acknowledging your archetype can help with your own healing
  • Tapping into your inner goddess



“My journey is healing is not just the physical and what I’ve learned is that healing is about so much more than medical doctors are trained in.” – Dr. Kyrin Dunston

“The goddess is within anyone.” – Syma Kharal

“Connecting with a goddess in a deeper level for a 40-day period can bring about bigger transformation.” – Syma Kharal

“Her brilliant health is a woman who has embraced her full goddess glory and has come fully into her sacred feminine power.” – Syma Kharal


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