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#053: What's Really Wrong With Your Skin with Jennifer Fugo, MS, CNS

Can you say that your skin is healthy? How is your skin care routine?

You might probably think that when something is wrong with your skin, the first thing that you want to do is treat it by applying over-the-counter steroid ointment or cream that will only provide immediate relief. Did you ever thought about checking your gut to see whether that is causing the flare-ups?

Having experienced skin problems herself, Jennifer Fugo, MS, CNS knows exactly how it feels and how to treat it by getting to the root cause of the problem. Listen Jennifer shows you practical and free testing tool that you can do at home so identify if your gut is causing your skin problems.

Key Notes:

  • The connecting of skin problems to gut issues
  • Skin problems and getting the correct diagnosis
  • Natural skin care routine and cleansing



“The skin is connected with everything else.” – Jennifer Fugo, MS, CNS

“When there is a problem inside, it’s going to show outside (hair, skin and nails)” – Dr. Kyrin Dunston

“A lot of what we do with our hair and skin is we remove what’s healthy when the body does a very good job of cleaning itself.” – Dr. Kyrin Dunston

“Her brilliant health means you want to live in a space where we are empowered to live and love on our own terms.” – Jennifer Fugo, MS, CNS


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