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#098: The Sex Traffic Girl Next Door with Rima Nashashibi

Many people are unaware that human sex trafficking is a global problem and a local tragedy affecting young girls on US soil. Children you know and love, in your local community or social circles, may right now be affected.

But, if you don’t know the signs to look for you will likely miss it. And lose the opportunity to make a difference.

The effects of this specific type of female sexual abuse are particularly damaging and difficult to recover from. After being freed from this type of slavery, with the right assistance and rehabilitation, full recovery is possible.

Global Hope 365 CEO and founder, Rima Nashabishi, shares with you her personal story and her mission to raise awareness about human sex trafficking and how you can participate in this imperative to save lives.

Key Notes:

  • The difference between prostitution and human sex trafficking
  • Child marriage and legality in the United States
  • Statistics on incidence of sex trafficking
  • Signs to look for in children being trafficked or groomed
  • How to can participate in helping this cause


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

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#095: Hidden Toxins Are Wrecking Your Health with Aimee Carlson

Chemicals in our environment now number over 85,000 and are affecting our health.Yet mainstream medicine doesn’t recognize or address the harmful and cumulative effects of these toxins on our health.Whether coming from your tap water, your food, your cosmetics or cleaning products, your furnishings or your home or car we are living in a sea of toxins that get into our cells and prevent them from functioning normally.Healing and achieving optimum health requires a systematic approach to preventing these toxins from getting into our bodies and ushering them out.The Toxin Terminator, Aimee Carlson, helps us understand the 5 pillars of living a toxin free lifestyle eliminate toxins from our lives and our bodies so that we can enjoy the brilliant health that we deserve.Key Notes:What are the most common toxins you can find in your home?How you can get rid of toxins?What are the 5 pillars of living a toxin free lifestyle?What should I focus on first within each pillar?Are there easy ways to know if this is something we should be paying attention to in our homes?What is Greenwashing?How to determine your level of toxicity?Quotes:“There is not a fix for EVERY body, it’s what works for YOUR body” – Aimee Carlson“Fragrance is the new smoking.” - Aimee Carlson“Her brilliant health means that you shine brightly.”- Aimee CarlsonLinks mentioned:Aimee’s websiteEnvironmental Working Group’s website Healthy Living App from Environmental Working GroupThink Dirty app