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#096: Fix Your Autoimmunity Naturally Now with Dr. Tom O’Bryan

Immune system dysfunction is at an epidemic level with serious disability consequences. Mainstream treatments serve to shut the immune system down and fail to address the root cause. Until we address the fact that the immune system is trying to protect us from the toxic environment we live in we will not solve this problem.

New York Times Bestselling Author of The Automimmune Fix, Dr. Tom O’Bryan, explains the factors that incite your immune system to attack you and details the steps that you can take to stop this from happening.

Key Notes:

  • Why chronic disease is an issue we can’t solve right now?
  • How autoimmunity affects the brain function
  • Practical tips to boost your immune and removing toxins in your home



“Your immune system is trying to protect you from wheat, cookies, ding dongs”

“We get so locked up into comfort because the world is so overwhelming for us like never before in history.”

“What is your immune system trying to protect you from?”

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Dr. Tom O’Bryan’s website


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#102: What’s If It’s NOT Depression with Dr. Achina Stein

At least 15% of adults will experience depression at some point in their lifetime.In many cases, the symptom of depression occurs as a direct result of specific imbalances present in the body that go undiagnosed due to the current medical paradigm of solely controlling the symptom with pharmaceutical drugs.What if you could uncover, discover and address the underlying root cause of your depression and be free from this disabling symptom once and for all?Dr. Achina Stein shares how her son went from preparing to jump to his death from a balcony to thriving in life by doing just this.Her heroic journey transformed her understanding of what true health and healing are and how they are created by addressing the root causes of disease.Key Notes:Making a mental health illness diagnosisFactors that affect mental healthTraditional medical treatment of depression with pharmacologics-is it really better than placebo?The role of root cause resolution or functional medicine in addressing mental health illnessQuotes:“You can’t put a human being who’s very complex into a little box.”– Dr. Achina Stein“Foods can be poison and food can sometimes heal.” – Dr. Achina Stein“Your gut is your second brain.” – Dr. KyrinLinks Mentioned:Dr. Achina Stein’s website - https://www.achinasteindo.com/What’s If It’s NOT Depression book - https://www.amazon.com/What-Its-NOT-Depression-Solutions-ebook/dp/B082BGWVD2