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#093: Turn Tragedy Into Triumph: Creating a Miracle Mindset with JJ Virgin

What do you do when your worst nightmare comes true regarding your children or in any area of life? Shut down and concede to what the “experts” say is your fate? Or tap into a strength you didn’t know was available and secure the promise of the outcome you desire?

Asking WWJD (What would JJ do?) helps you to view horrific life events from an elevated perspective and to bend the outcomes more to your liking. Triple-board certified nutrition expert, New York Times Bestselling Author and Fitness Hall of Famer JJ Virgin overcame life’s toughest challenge, fighting for her son’s life, by creating and maintaining a miracle mindset.

JJ’s success in all life arenas demonstrates the power of a miracle mindset. Her process is revolutionary and accessible to all. She tells you how to procure yours in today’s episode.

Key Notes:

  • What is a miracle mindset and how to get yours
  • Actions to take in the face of a tragedy
  • How your mindset ties into your health
  • Prioritizing self-care during the pandemic
  • Why many of us have limiting beliefs and how to change them


“Prioritize your self-care in the face of adversity”

“Life is just a series of lessons. It’s research and development”

“You’re never better than when you’re challenged”

“Frame your day with positivity”

“Don’t blow up the life raft when you’re drowning”

“Ask for support”

“It’s not about forgiving them it’s about you freeing yourself”

“Step up and show up”

“Flip it from the victim side to the opportunity side”

“Be careful where you put your attention. What you focus on expands.”

“Grab a positivity lifeline.”

“Her brilliant health revolution – the big revolution is the shift to prevention in health.”

Links Mentioned:

Website - https://jjvirgin.com/

GIFT: 5 days to a warrior mom mindset - https://jjvirgin.com/gratitude

Bulletproof’s Dave Asprey’s Forgiveness and Brain Reiwring Program - https://40yearsofzen.com/

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