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#066: Empathic Mastery with Jennifer Moore

Do you sometimes feel you are being highly sensitive or you feel that you absorb all the energy around you? Do you sometimes think it is more of a curse than a gift because you are unable to control it? In this episode, listen as mentor and EFT Master Trainer Jennifer Moore share her knowledge and expertise about empathic mastery and EFT tapping techniques to clear our negative emotions.

Key Notes:

  • What is an empath and how is it different from empathy?
  • How can being empathic benefit your health and wellness
  • Practical tools to use to protect energy body
  • EFT tapping techniques and how it can help to clear out negative energy, food cravings and addictions


“We are all intuitive or empathic – to some degree - but it’s not fostered as a skill when we are younger.” – Dr. Kyrin

“The first step to empathic mastery is to be comfortable with our own feelings.” – Jennifer Moore

“Part of being unhealthy is not paying attention to how you feel.” – Dr. Kyrin

“When we don’t honor that something is no longer serving then it will show up in our body, subconscious and conscious behaviors.” – Jennifer Moore

“Her brilliant health means loving our body, ourselves and accepting who we are and being in the flow.” – Jennifer Moore

“Her brilliant health starts from self-love and from the willingness to do the things that are truly loving and nurturing.” – Jennifer Moore


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