The Hormone Prescription with Dr. Kyrin Dunston


#064: How to Navigate Back to Health with Jenn Malecha

Busy lives often mean that most individuals compromise their health. However, being equipped with the right tools and knowledge when it comes to your health can be empowering and can help you to be successful in your career too.

Listen as Functional Coach Jenn Malecha give you powerful information about navigating back to health.

Key Notes:

  • Comprehensive tests that you can do to identify autoimmune, hormonal imbalances and other chronic illness
  • The cost and how to invest for your health
  • The effects of toxins in your life and health


“Your personality is your health.” – Dr. Kyrin

“Your health is your greatest investment.” – Dr. Kyrin

“One of the reasons why successful women get into these health pitfalls is because we disconnect from our bodies and we stop paying attention to what’s going on.” – Dr. Kyrin

“We need to learn to value sleep more than we value diet and exercise.” – Jenn Malecha

 “Your body is unique therefore your diet is too.” – Jenn Malecha

Her brilliant health means feeling at home and 100% comfortable and confident in your body.” – Jenn Malecha


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