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#063: The Power of Essential Oils with Dr. Lindsey Elmore

We’ve all heard about essential oils but there is more to it than just emitting scent for your olfactory pleasure.

Learn what essential oils are useful for weight loss, managing stress and precautions you should consider when using essential oils from licensed pharmacist and board-certified pharmacotherapy specialist Lindsey Elmore.

Essential oils are not called “essential” for nothing.

Key Notes:

  • What are essential oils and how they work?
  • What essential oils to use for weight loss and aids in digestion
  • Safety precautions when using essential oils


“Humans have been exposed to essential oils their entire life.” – Lindsey Elmore

“Essential oils after a meal can be a powerful tool to effectively digest your food.” – Lindsey Elmore

“Physicians are trained to prescribe medicines.” – Lindsey Elmore

“Essential oil can foster courage even when you are told you’re not good enough.” – Lindsey Elmore

“Her brilliant health means living authentically exactly how you were designed without apology.” – Lindsey Elmore

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