Her Brilliant Health Revolution with Dr. Kyrin

Board Certified OBGYN Kyrin Dunston MD lost an impressive 100 pounds and healed herself with natural treatments. She used to deliver babies, now she delivers exceptional wellness for women. Here are simple strategies to improve health, inspiring interviews and insights on a healthy life so that you can experience the freedom that living with optimal health brings.

Kyrin Dunston MD

Leading by example Dr. Kyrin lost a life-changing 100 lbs and healed herself from chronic disease...naturally! She now shares these revolutionary natural healing tools with women everywhere and leads them on the path of natural healing, health wholeness and vitality. Her Brilliant Health Radio Podcast showcases leading experts in Functional Medicine for women while her Youtube channel focuses on her unique teachings and views. No longer do you need to suffer from subpar health or be subject to medical care that consists of symptom management with drugs and surgery.