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Adventures in HellwQrld

Adventures in HellwQrld Episode #190: America Will Be a Unified Reich

This week we deal with QAnon having some really weird takes on the Bible, Trump's court case winding to a close and him having another brain issue at a rally and the President of Iran's helicopter crashed so we have to wonder if he was vaccinated or if he was the victim of a Jewish Fog Machine. Also Trump's campaign has decided to go full mask off and declared that once he wins America will be a Unified Reich.

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  • Adventures In HellwQrld Episode #194: AFPAC fails with Amanda Moore

    This week we has Amanda join Mike, L, and Haley to talk about how the Groyers had their lNazicon ruined. We also checked in with JT getting a DUI and what it meant to the Illuminati. Biden's getting pulled by the Dems while Trump's brain is getting melted and he's back on a shark kick. Also Russia and North Korea are now bros so America is in tons of trouble (Note: In no trouble at all).
  • Adventures In HellwQrld Episode #193: Trump Talks Sharks and Electrocution

    We apologize for the audio quality. We had issues with Riverside this week so if you can't handle it we understand. Otherwise enjoy us basking in the glory of Donald Trump explaining why he'd rather be electrocuted instead of being eaten by a shark.
  • Adventures in HellwQrld Episode #192: Convicted Felon Trump

    Good news all around this week. Trump loses in court, Russia is losing on the battlefield. The Epoch Times got exposed as being a front for a money laundering ring and so much more. Steph fills in for L who is off celebrating all the good times.
  • Adventures in HellwQrld Episode #191: Trump Turns NY Red (Not really)

    We recorded this before Trump got convicted so you'll enjoy our conversation about QAnon pinning their hopes on the Truth Social Juror. Also we talk about Trump's massive rally in New York. We also get into Alito's flags and StewAnon going after Amanda Moore, friend of the pod.
  • Adventures in HellwQrld Episode #189: Dark Brandon says Debate Me, Bro

    This week we cover more StewAnon madness, Trump's melting brain and Trump's legal troubles. Also Dark Brandon challenges Trump to debates.
  • HellwQrld Presents: Building 7 Truth

    While Steph is off visiting the 9/11 memorial she was nice enough to record with Mike as they go over what happened to building 7 at the World Trade Center and how it's not what conspiracy theorists claim it is.
  • Adventures in HellwQrld Episode #188: RFK Jr's Brainworm

    This week we deal with RFK Jr. literally having brainworms. Trump gets a bunch of legal wins but the one case he is on trial for looks bad all that and the latest horrible news out of Arizona and the listener mailbag.
  • Adventures in HellwQrld Episode #187: RIP Cricket

    This week we have a ton of Arizona news and we also cover Soros funding the protests at colleges across America, RFK Jr. getting weirder than usual and of course Governor Noem murdering her dog.