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  • The Irish for Sex | Hello Stevo Podcast Ep #124

    This week we are joined by the wonderful comedian Blathin de Burca chatting about her show 'The Irish for Sex' which is on the RTE Player hereYou can follow her on Instagram hereYou can buy tickets to my Dublin PADDY LATINO standup comedy show HERE
  • Arses & Pints | Hello Stevo Podcast Ep #123

    My Dublin Tour show is now on sale, The Workman's, 6 June buy your tickets HERE This weekend I am in Clonakilty in DeBarra's, head over to: for ticketsFollow Keith Fox's Comedy on Instagram: @onekeithfoxand you can watch all my silly videos and keep in touch with me on Instagram on: @thestephenmullanYou can email me for things you wanna talk about on the show at:
  • New Tea Shock | Hello Stevo Podcast Ep #122

    Stevo is chatting with comedian Sinead Walsh today talking the new Taoiseach, St. George's cross and who is more Irish? Wanna keep in touch with all things Stevo? Wanna see him on tour? Sign up to the mailing list on: or follow him on Instagram & Tiktok: @thestephenmullanYou can follow Sinead on Instagram & Tiktok: @sineadwalshcomedy
  • Face like no craic | Hello Stevo Podcast Ep #121

    Stevo is joined by fellow comedian Shannon Basso Gaule talking starting comedy in New Zealand, Conor McGregor's new movie with an interruption from a knock at the door. Instagram: @thestephenmullan @sbgcomedySign up to the mailing list to catch Stephen on tour:
  • A Special Week | Hello Stevo Podcast Ep #120

    You can support the show and buy me a coffee here: find out FIRST about my touring shows, sign up to the mailing list: www.thestephenmullan.comFollow me on Instagram for more lols: @thestephenmullanHere is the link to the mentioned Dave Chappelle SNL monologue:
  • Katie Boyle in NYC | Hello Stevo Podcast Ep #119

    To find out FIRST about my touring shows, sign up to the mailing list: www.thestephenmullan.comTo support the show you can buy me a coffee here: me on Instagram for more lols: @thestephenmullanFollow Katie on Instagram: @katieboylecomic